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The Arcoro & Procore Alliance

Power Your Projects. Empower Your People.

"I saw in Procore & Arcoro the belief in individual employee growth and success which would increase the growth and success of a company."

Renee Eidenshink
Junior Project Manager
JTS Construction

Too often, we see construction companies backing out of projects and delaying completion dates because they don't have the right - or enough - people. If this sounds familiar, Arcoro and Procore are here to help. Arcoro and Procore combine proven technologies to help construction leaders build and manage powerful teams.

Together, Arcoro and Procore help construction organizations:

  • Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and duplicate employee data management across the system
  • Schedule the transfer of people and time data securely between the systems
  • Reduce the risk of error by ensuring a consistent and compliant process
  • Enable teams with the right information for good decision making

Integration Summary

Arcoro’s cloud-based, modular HR software now offers a near real-time connection with Procore. Easily capture and update employee data in your Arcoro HR software and keep the Procore directory in sync, without manual data entry. This powerful connection built between these two systems lets you hire, manage, and grow top talent, streamline your onboarding processes, and gain greater insights into how you can ensure project success.

How it Works

Arcoro transfers employee demographics and position data into the Procore Directory, keeping systems in sync. Now your field team can manage workers and build crews without all the data entry.

Arcoro’s ExakTime solution is elegantly integrated, too. Procore sends people, project location, and tasks into ExakTime to make tracking time easy. We can even push time back into Procore’s Field Productivity, allowing for quantities to be added and making labor costing simple!

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