Recruiting Secrets from the U.S.' Best Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing Employers infographic Selecting the best candidate from a mile-high pile of resumes can be challenging. But, with a few tested tricks from the US's best Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing employers, you can consistently count on recruiting the cream of the crop. RECRUITING SECRETS FROM THE U.S.'s BEST Construction, Engineeringand Manufacturing Employers . Selecting the best candidate from a mile-high pile of resumes can be challenging. But, with a few tested tricks from the U.S.'s best Construction, Engineering, and Manufacturing employers, you can consistently count on recruiting the cream of the crop. Tip 1: Offer Opportunity . Top employers provide prospective employees with the promise of innovative opportunity and make it clear how employees can grow within the company. By doing this, companies: Encourage passionate employees and Recruit employees looking to learn, grow, and contribute . How to do it: While interviewing possible hires, explain that there are clear opportunities for growth in the company and Outline a possible career path for the position in the job description and interview stages . Tip 2: Find Those Who Fit a Thriving Culture . Top employers already have strongly established workplace culture, and look for employees who can fit their culture of innovation and corporate responsibility. By doing this, companies: Remove candidates who do not have the same goals as the company and Find candidates that will work to advance the biggest goals of the company . How to do it: Establish a clear company culture and goals for your employees. Act in a manner fitting the culture, and encourage your employees to do so as well . Create a company culture document, explain your culture on your website and in any career postings, and address company culture and goals in the hiring process . Tip 3: Test Focus . Top employers test employees during the interview with questions that could easily come up during a work day and evaluate how they can focus on the problem at hand. By doing this, companies: Test the candidates ability to think on the fly and Test capacity for working under pressure, and handling multiple requests at once . How to do it: Include interview questions that relate directly to quick decisions that would need to be made on the job . Work with hiring managers and, if possible, those in the position to develop relevant questions that would work well in an interview scenario . Tip 4: Look for Those Who Arent Looking . Who says you have to limit your candidate pool to employees who are already on the move? Some of the best candidates arent currently on the job boards, and those who are already thriving have up-to-the-minute proof that they are high performers. Social media is a great way to target potential employees in a space that is not all about job searching. By doing this, companies: Do not restrict their hiring pool and Focus on finding the candidates that are the right fit, instead of simply available . How to do it: Create an employee referral program to reward employees for reaching out to their networks about job postings and Use relevant hashtags and social media posts to interest those who may not be openly looking for work . Tip 5: Prioritize Career Development . One of the best ways to recruit employees is to lay out a clean plan for long-term careers in a company. By offering training and certification opportunities, top companies show investment in their employees and a goal of a long relationship. By doing this, companies: Provide opportunities for employees to improve skills and learn new ones and Recruit employees that are more likely to be invested for the long term . How to do it: Create a business development program to encourage employees to refine skills and receive new certifications and Reward employees who complete relevant certifications with company-wide appreciation and recognition . Tip 6: Use Talent Management Systems . Recruiters for top employers use talent management systems to help them improve their talent management process and recruit the best team. By doing this, companies: Recruit talent that fits their company culture and goals and Retain employees through personal development and a clear promise of opportunity . How to do it: Identify your talent management system priorities and start there. What are your biggest pain points or opportunities to show ROI? and Focus on your users. Dont be distracted by system bells and whistles that candidates, employees, training, and the HR department wont use. Implement a system that is easy for them to use. . Find top prospects by taking a lesson from some of the most successful construction, manufacturing, and engineering employers in the United States. Keep candidates engaged, present real problems, find those who are always prepared,test their focus, and work with a talent management systemto take the guesswork out of your employee hiring. Brought To You By BirdDogHR Sources: dream-employers-for-engineering-students/